With just 150 words, the surviving children of Kathleen Dehmlow, Jay and Gina penned one of the most scathing obituaries ever seen about their mother. The children used the obituary to unburden their eternal grievances against their mother who abandoned them and left off with their uncle.

The obituary which started quite usually, detailing Kathleen’s date of birth and name of her parents as well as the city of birth, highlighting when she was 19 years old and married Dennis Dehmlow in 1957. The pair wed at St. Anne’s, a Catholic Church in the heart of the small community, and they had two children, Gina and Jay.

The early life of her marriage was not made clear enough, nor was the state of the children in their toddler stages, but the obituary scathing epitaph jumped to the moment when things took went bad, and that was when Kathleen, their mother, got pregnant for their father’s brother, Lyle Dehmlow.

“In 1962 she became pregnant by her husband’s brother Lyle Dehmlow and moved to California,” the death notice read. “She abandoned her children, Gina and Jay who were then raised by her parents in Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schunk.”

But what was clear were Gina and Jay’s feelings toward their mother and the reckoning with which they believed she would be met.
She passed away on May 31, 2018 in Springfield and will now face judgement,” the obituary read. “She will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her.”

The obituary was accompanied by a photo of Dehmlow and was published in the Redwood Falls Gazette, her hometown newspaper.

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