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How Sincere Is Chimamanda?



The well-known aphorism, charity begins at home must have been lost to Chimamanda Adichie when she stepped into the media-aided limelight. Perhaps, finding the perks of notoriety too overwhelming, she reached out for more themes to keep basking in the spotlight of media hype and a new fame nowadays guaranteed to anyone who dare challenged the status quo even without scratching deep into exceptional brilliance.

After Adichie’s notorious interview with former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, where she expressed her displeasure over Clinton’s prioritisation of her marital status on her Twitter bio, comparing it to her husband’s, the warning bells came off.

Are we looking at a sadistic, vengeful core feminist, whose major goal is to avenge male folks for their alleged “wrongs” or are we looking at an honest feminist who takes the plight of women into genuine consideration?

Did Chimamanda Adichie actually peered at Hillary Clinton’s Twitter bio information and then searched out her husband’s,Bill Clinton, bio for comparison?

For she clearly pointed out the difference between both Hilary Clinton and that of her husband insensitively and rudely informing Mrs Clinton of her husband’s “crime”. That was the red flag highlighting Adichie’s lack of respect for matrimony and people’s wishes.

I never cease to worry had Chimamanda Adichie discovered that Bill Clinton had placed “husband” in the front row in his Twitter bio, would she had picked offence at the choice of his wife, Hilary?

I doubt it. So we’re, in essence, dealing with Chimamanda’s preference for how the Clinton’s should relate to one another.

Quite recently, Chimamanda rocked a media storm again (she just wanted a back-to-back front seat at the online media circus) when she again express her displeasure of male chivalry in holding doors for women. It took Dana Loesch, the National Riffle Association spokesperson to blast Adichie and expose her grand hypocrisy.

Loesch said, Adichie should worry more about the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Nigeria, which by the way is false as Loesch also showed her profound ignorance and lack of general knowledge. Female genital mutilation is not only outlawed in Nigeria for decades, it is convenient to say over 90% female child in Nigeria are born without genital mutilation.

Nevertheless, no one has pointed out to Chimamanda Adichie of the plight of women in her own tribe, in her own ethnicity and region, the South East of Nigeria where women are still forbidden to inherit ancestral lands of their fathers.

It is disheartening that Chimamanda will worry about how Hilary Clinton placed her marital status on her Twitter bio; that she will spare a thought about Western men opening doors for women when millions of women in Eastern Nigeria like her cannot inherit their father’s homes in death even if they as females were the only child.

It is prosperous that none of Adichie’s works havrt ever highlighted the plight of women in Eastern Nigeria where tradition forbids them from being rulers or breaking kola nut or attending “Umunna” meetings except when summoned for questioning or as witness.

In Enugu, Chimamanda’s birth place, some communities traditionally forbids women from eating gizzard. In Eastern Nigeria, a woman is forbidden to interfere in the negotiations of her marriage between her family and that of her prospective husband’s family, making her a bystander or spectator in the negotiations of her own marriage.

Chimamanda would have been partially forgiven if she was born and raised overseas but she had her birth and formative years in Nigeria and she chose to wear the cloak of hypocrisy in nice drapery, worrying and fretting over women of Western birth whose life, culture and economic disposition is far greater and superior to those of her kith and kin she left behind.

Chimamanda wasnt a priest neglected by her own folks, she’s just a preacher who never preached to her suffering people but pretend to be a crusader, taking the gospel to those who have the mastery of it, hence not needing it.

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