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Enugu: And Now There Is Water; Has Frank Nweke Jr’s Manifesto Stirred Enugu PDP?




For most residents in Enugu, water has been the longest in their wishlist and then the heat-wrenching state of the road. The PDP government has suddenly made, within few days, some attempt to remedy what the people had been demanding for many years…

The Enugu state gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Frank Nweke Jr delivered an unprecedented hands-on manifesto that for one highlighted the social and economic struggles of the people and at the same time brought the ruling party’s government ineptitude to light like never before.

The audience was quiet during the delivery; it was like an exhibition, other times they were moved by pictorial presentation that depicted their plight and sufferings, still at times they were excited in hope like a congregation who believes in a better tomorrow. Never before have the people of Enugu been taken through a path highlighting their miserable conditions and at the same time offering the roadmap to restoration and growth.

Suddenly that manifesto became the discussion in town; in social gatherings, salons, pubs, and occupied the frontburner in media space.


As waves of the Frank Nweke Jr ‘s manifesto continue to reverberate across the breadth of Enugu state, there became a plethora of political reactions; desperate makeshift attempts laced in pretentious cheap façade to gaslight the people with insincere projects to garner political points.

It was a positive development for the people. The ruling PDP’s government who has hitherto taken the ascension of political offices as its birthright and went about its campaign casually has now been hit wth a political punch jolting it into desperate reactions in infrastructural makeshifts and bogus press releases.

Enugu PDP leadership which has remained coldly aloof and unresponsive to the plight of Enugu urban which has been hit for so long with water scarcity and hike in price for over a year despite the loud wailing of the people, has suddenly started pumping out water barely days after the manifesto of the APGA’s candidate.

The embarrassing roads that have been abandoned for nearly 8 years suddenly began receiving cosmetic dressing. The road leading to the new Secretariat which has stood for years as the symbol of government infrastructural decay has now begun to receive attention. Aria/Kingsway road, the perennial cause of long vehicular traffic and sufferings for the people is being given a clown’s look in weak repairs.

For once over two decades, the Enugu State PDP has realised it is no longer business as usual, the dawn of political dividends has already begun and the signs the 2023 elections in Enugu will not a be political walk in the park for the ruling party as usual is here.

The Frank Nweke Jr’s APGA Manifesto has already altered for good, the political participation for the people of Enugu and delivered a lasting imprint on our democratic journey. A monopolistic political environment has already weakened the political participation, education and reaction of the people for long and the break of this political shell is long overdue.

Come what may 2023, the winners of the forthcoming elections will be the people of Enugu state and the harbinger of that people’s victory would be Frank Nweke Jr whose manifesto has awakened the political consciousness of the people and stirred the ruling party from its devilish slumber.


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Frank Nweke Jr. Casts Vote, Addresses Reports Of Violence By PDP In Enugu




Frank Nweke Jr has cast his vote in Ozalla and addressed newsmen immediately after, citing reports of violence and voter intimidation by the People’s Democratic Party in many parts of Enugu State.

He also revealed that an APGA House of Assembly candidate was attacked and almost killed this morning in Udenu and the five polling units cordoned off by men in security outfits.

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Enugu2023: APC Collapses Structure For APGA, Burns Brooms And Party Artefacts




Members of the All Progressives Congress in Ozzi Edem, Nsukka Local Government Area, have collapsed their structure, vowing to redirect their energy into ensuring the victory of Frank Nweke Jr as the next Governor of Enugu State.

Addressing the community at Afor Ozzi market, the former ward chairman of now defunct All Progressives Congress in Ozzi Edem ward, Hon. Mathew Enete said that their decision was based on the premises that APGA is their own party. They vowed to prove this at the polls on March 11.

The declaration was followed by the burning of brooms and other party artefacts.

In his address, Nweke thanked the Edem people for the warm welcome they accorded him and for aligning with APGA’s core philosophy of shared prosperity – being one’s brothers and sister’s keeper where nobody is left behind.

Nweke assured the people of his commitment to rehabilitate the major road that led to the Edem community, which has remained in terrible condition for decades.

He vowed to ensure that all outstanding pensions are paid and further guarantee the timely and regular payment of pensions and gratuities to retirees.

Nweke therefore urged the people to vote massively for him and other APGA candidates for the State House of Assembly on March 11, so that with his emergence as Governor, he will fulfil his promises to the good people of Enugu State.

He concluded by welcoming the former members of the All Progressives Congress to the All Progressives Grand Alliance, stating that he was confident that God would grant their request for good leadership.

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Protest In Enugu Over Murder Of LP Senatorial Candidate, Oyibo Chukwu




A group of concerned indigenes of Enugu State under the aegis of Citizen Against Violence, at the weekend staged a peaceful protest on the streets of Enugu metropolis, demanding justice for the late 2023 Labour Party candidate for the Enugu East senatorial zone, Barr Oyibo Chukwu.


He was recently killed alongside five others and burnt by yet to be identified gunmen.


The protesters, who were clad in black and black attires, were led by kinsmen of the slain Labour Party chieftain who hailed from Amuri in Nkanu West local government area of Enugu State.


Leader of the group and immediate past Enugu State chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Ben Nwoye called for an end to political killings in the state.


Nwoye said what they were demanding was nothing but “Justice for Barr Chukwu who was brutally murdered on February 22 on his way back from campaign.”


He said the Amuri people have lost a rare gem who had contributed meaningfully to the development of the area and called for an investigation into his murder and the perpetrators brought to book.

It would be recalled that since the incident occurred, there had been series of protests across the state including the one staged by lawyers.


The protesters carrying placards with inscriptions such as “we demand for Justice for Oyibo Chukwu”, “What has our brother done to be murdered like a goat” urged the security agencies to fish out the perpetrators of the evil act.

Before taking to the streets, they had stormed the premises of the State High Court and the Court of Appeal where they equally registered their displeasure of the killing.


Some of the protesters who spoke with our correspondent decried the gruesome killing of the former chairman of NBA, Oji River branch who came out to represent his constituents under Labour Party but was allegedly murdered.


Another protester who gave his name as Mr Kenneth Egbo, said “today it is Oyibo Chukwu, tomorrow who knows who will be the next?”


He emphasised that politics was never a do or die game, advising the constituents to be careful of the people they vote into power during the March 11 elections.

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