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Men Need To Worship Their Women - Kolawole Gushes About Wife Toyin Abraham  

Ellie O
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Men need to worship their women - Kolawole Ajeyemi gushes about Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham's man, Kolawole Ajeyemi has taken to Instagram to praise her and state the reason men need to worship their women.


In his words, 'women are the most delicate on earth really !! yet very strong, When you are blessed with a good woman you are blessed with unlimited happiness and long life, being with you my precious love Toyin Abraham during the theater session, made me overwhelmed at the reasons why Men need to worship their women, am I to talk about the pains, tears and other rigorous things you passed through during the process of our child's birth'.


I'm just so speechless my love , When our women offend us and we think of the pain they pass through during child's birth they are sincerely  worth not saying this so as to give your women licence to misbehave ,all am trying to say is that  every woman deserves a super man. 

Men Let take good care and adore our women, because they are our indeed our  MOTHER AND WIFE. THEY DESERVE NOTHING BUT OUR VERY BEST.....I respect all the Good women ,God bless you all and may you all eat the fruits of your labour in jesus name ....


Posted : 25/08/2019 4:16 am
Ellie O
Famed Member

Amen  To That!

God bless him and all the good men that appreciates good women.

Posted : 25/08/2019 4:18 am

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