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“A Strategic Food Reserve As A Key Initiative In The Overall Plan For Food Security In Enugu” – Frank Nweke Jr



The holiday season is generally a time of merriment and laughter with family and friends expecting to gather around tables of food and drinks.

For many of our brothers and sisters in Enugu State, this is not the reality. From my trips around the State and the requests I have received online and offline, it is apparent that the majority of people are barely making it through the season.

The Nigerian Poverty Map by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics reports that 63.1% of our people live in abject poverty. This is heartbreaking. As always, I encourage us to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers at all times, especially now.

However, no matter how much we do as private citizens, it cannot cover what can be achieved through the rightful deployment of the resources of the government, which belongs to the people. This is why I am running to become the governor because I understand in clear terms that public resources are meant to improve the lives of our people, and not for a few private pockets.

Reflecting on the economic situation and its impact on the season has further highlighted the need for a multi-sectoral food security strategy with coordinated actions across various sectors from security to agriculture, education, health and nutrition, infrastructure, and social services.

These areas are core to my plan for reigniting the coal city, with clearly articulated steps to implement them. While working to entrench these structural and sustainable changes to improve the State’s Per Capita Income, I also see the need to provide respite for residents in the most underserved communities.

To that end, we will set up an Enugu Strategic Food Reserve (ESFR) for Enugu State when elected into the office of the governor in 2023, God-willing. The primary aim of this initiative is to provide succour to low-income earners and vulnerable communities with one centre in each senatorial zone.

With our goal being to ensure that nobody goes hungry, we will have a robust data-driven plan to place families on a food distribution program for specific durations. However, the Enugu Strategic Food Reserve (ESFR) will not be a purely charitable venture. It will be designed as a social enterprise to serve more than one purpose.

Through the ESFR, we will provide a ready market for thousands of farmers as we purchase and store farm produce from them. It will also serve as a needed storage facility to salvage a portion of the estimated 40% of agricultural produce lost to the unavailability of good storage facilities.

Working with the Agricultural innovation Centers that we set up across the six Agricultural zones & Leveraging agricultural co-operatives, we will ensure profitability to our farmers for their improved farm yields.
During the rainy and festive seasons that are notorious for price hikes, we will use the ESFR to moderate food prices by strategically releasing stored grains and other key food items into the market and selling them at affordable rates to indigent communities.

This will be done bearing in mind the need for profitability for traders as well.
The creation of a food reserve that is safe and has the capacity to serve our goals will require the involvement of experts, good management and sizeable funding. But with clarity of purpose, transparency, the right stakeholder engagement and the right contractors, it is achievable.

We will begin the process by working with local leaders within selected communities and engaging our Research and Development Institutes, leveraging the academic advantage we have as a State.
Overall, we aim to pursue a holistic economic strategy to significantly improve the quality of life of residents and will always look for innovative ways to achieve this goal, either in the short term or for the long haul.

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“It Is The Turn Of Ndi Enugu” – Frank To Residents As APGA Storms More Markets In Enugu




Frank Nweke Jr, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Enugu State, on Thursday charged traders in Ogbete and Afia 9 markets, Enugu, to take ownership of the next government in Enugu State by voting in APGA in the forthcoming election.

Nweke who told traders and buyers that APGA’s mission was to liberate the State from the shackles of bad governance unleashed by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), reiterated the history of the APGA as one founded on the Igbo principle of shared prosperity with the great Odumegwu Ojukwu as a founding father.

In agreement with the concerns raised by the people, Nweke noted the absence of potable water, rising insecurity, non-payment of salaries and pensions, unavailability of jobs and the deepening economic crisis under the PDP-led administration.

He assured the people of his administration’s commitment to tackling the issues that directly affect them and urged them to become a part of the process by ensuring that they refuse to sell their votes to the highest bidders.

“When you sell your votes, you have given looters your own position in the government and you will lose your voice for the next four years. It is your turn to be in government. APGA will make the government house the People’s Building” Nweke said.

Several residents, traders and buyers alike present in the market spoke with hope and a firm resolve to see a new future in Enugu under APGA.

An octogenarian who said he worked together with former President Obasanjo at 58 Ibadan Street Ebute-Metta West, as the head of Electrical Engineering in his Department, said that God will remove all the obstacles from Nweke’s way if he is the Lord’s anointed.

“I was shuttling between Lagos and Abuja when Frank Nweke Jr served as Minister and for me personally, his antecedents made me want him to serve as Governor. We elders are praying that God should crown someone with conscience. I pray that God removes all obstacles from Frank Nweke Jr in Jesus’ name,” he prayed.

Ogechi Godfrey, Chinonso Uzoma and Okey Morocco expressed unflinching support for Nweke whom they said is their choice as Governor due to his simplicity, honesty and good track record.

Madam Joy, a clothes retailer, said that the market women group she belongs to had been pressured to join the PDP, but that they have remained resilient. She therefore affirmed her total support for Nweke stressing that the APGA flag bearer is their own.

Charity Njoku, a trader said she knows APGA flag bearer as a man with a kind heart and that he is the sort of person that will bring the change that many have thought impossible.

Ms. Ofoka, a fruit seller and Ginika Mbah a meat seller expressed support for Frank Nweke Jr adding that with him as Governor, a big change in Enugu State would be evident.

“Frank Nweke Jr should remember us when he gets to office as Governor. He should provide water and power for us. He is one of us, so we are solidly behind him,” said Ms. Onyekperem.

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APGA’s Frank Nweke Jr At Ugwu Peak




“The power we seek is to secure the future for our children here”

Kunie! Ka anyi dozie Enugu.

VoteFrank! VoteAPGA!


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Local News

Reclaiming Our Identity: Politics And Development In Igboland




The big day is tomorrow!

The Igbo identity is gradually morphing into an entity without the will or propulsion to claim what is rightfully ours.

Join Frank Nweke Jr tomorrow from 11am as he shares his perspectives on Reclaiming Our Identity: Politics and Development in Igboland.

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023.
Venue: Princess Alexandra Auditorium, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Time: 11am.


Get ready for deep introspection and a rousing call to restore a lost glory.

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