1 in 16 women today will hit menopause before age 40!

For some, it could come as early as mid to early 30s without the symptoms of irritability, vagina dryness or mood swings!!!

This is one of the many shortfalls of modern life of work, stress and quick-food, the modern woman has paid away in exchange of being 21st century compliant!

Human activities and expectation have doubled at a time when life expectancy in many developing countries has fallen.

For some reason, girls experience their first menses earlier than was the case during the 60’s, and women clock in their menopausal age faster than they used to….

The shocking irony is that our grand mothers who carry their fertility far into their late 50’s married earlier than today’s women, many of whom would consider themselves lucky to see their menses at 40 yrs.

It is a staggering observation that most ladies today mary late and still go through the risk of ovarian failure while still so young.

The demand of education, career, and a preconceived husband of phantasy have made many ladies settle late domestically.

Waiting for a perfect blend of education, career and Mr Right to materialise without checking their fertility state and ability of motherhood!!!

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