While the Nigeria army has quickly deleted its Tweet where it justified the shooting of protesters with President Trump’s comment seemingly urging the US army to consider a thrown rock from mexicMe migrants as a riffle, the army has failed to come up with its own code of engagement of de-escalation or the use of proportional force when faced with protesting civilians.

America has always been a society where the rules are made by institutions not my individuals. It is embarrassing on an international grand scale that the Nigeria army will justify the maniacal and illegal pronouncement from an emotionally-charged Donald Trump in the use of deadly force over its own citizens– over international acceptable practice of engagement.

More embarrassing for the Nigeria Army is that  Donald Trump has since reclined on his statement after feeling the negative feedback and backlash as the American people speak. Not only was the American President made aware of the illegality of his pronouncement, Former US Army Generals gave their opinions about the impracticability and unconstitutionality of Trump’s utterances forcing the President to withdraw his comment of ” a riffle for a rock” and Nigeria Army quickly deleted its own tweet where it used the US President’s remark to justify the alleged killing of 45 islamkI protesters.

The tragedy is that in an instance of media broadcasting of a United State’s President comment, Nigeria army in Africa has quickly rewritten its own code of conduct

It begs the question, is the Nigeria Army basing its conduct on the careless and ill-thought opinion of an American President or on its own trained code of conduct in line with international best practices?

Are the Nigeria aArm ever trained extensively on civilian engagement in protests or hostile situations? When faced with controversy or accusations of human right abuses, are the Nigeria Army guided by the law of the land or the proclsimatio of an American President?

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