It appears the Area Commander of Area “G” Police Command, Lagos isn’t abreast with the law or he is?  Landlord/tenant relationship should require basic law knowledge especially for a police officer who is charged with enforcing the laws or charging lawbreakers to court.

Thus Landlord has ownership rights and Tenants have possessive right to the extent or limited to coverage of his tenancy. This is why a landlord can’t break into a rented apartment or encroach into same without due process.

Well, there seems to be a trending issue  in Lagos , precisely at Ogba,where the Area commander of Area “G” police command Ogba, Lagos, was openly supporting the Landlord who broke into a woman’s shop in Abule-Egba with his accomplice the Iyalode and allegedly stole her goods. In the audio, the Area Commander is heard telling the woman’s lawyer that the police cannot charge the suspects for breaking their own property and removing the door. He said that the landlord and his accomplice have not committed any offense under Nigerian laws by breaking the woman’s door and stealing her goods.

When the lawyer kept telling him that the suspects have actually committed an offense under the laws of Nigeria, and that they need to be charged to court, the Area Commander insisted that they have not committed any offense! Can you see the hypocrisy and corruption in the Nigerian police force? I smell some compromise here perhaps after the suspects must have bribed the police. This, according to the story, was after the police officer handling the case by name ASP Bimpe Babatunde at that Area “G”, Ogba, was compromised by the suspects and she vowed to frustrate the case and make sure the suspects are not charged to court, and this was even after extorting a lot of money from the poor woman whose shop was broken and who was in pains and trauma over what happened and over all the money and goods stolen from her shop. These police officers instead of helping this poor woman, the police even compounded her problems.

But the problem now is that I’ve been trying to upload the audio here but it’s telling me the maximum file size I can upload is 250kb and the size of the audio is quite more than that. Pls Seun do something about this maximum file size of a thing.

So pls if you want to listen to the audio, kindly drop ur email address here and I will forward it to ur email address immediately.

Let’s name and shame corrupt public officials and weed them out of the system and support the president’s war against bribery and corruption in Nigeria.

Please drop your email address below. I will send the audio leakage to you immediately. Let’s help save Nigeria. Say no to bribery and corruption in Nigeria. Say no to those who support crime. Say no to those who support criminality.

Pls drop your email address below and I will immediately send u the leaked audio.

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