Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has been reported to justify the looting of treasury by politicians. “it’s impossible for political office holders or State governors not to steal from the public treasury because their salaries are meager”. He is reported to have said according to OMA DAILY REPORT.

Okorocha who is currently embroid in an in-house political feud with his Deputy Governor after attempting to handpick his son-in-law to succeed him belomgs to the ruling APC, a party whose slogan has always been about fighting corruption.

However, in an interview with
ChannelsTV, Okorocha appeared to suggest that keeping politically exposed persons from dipping their hands in the public till, will amount to an exercise in futility.
Okorocha also said everyone in Nigeria is corrupt to a certain degree.

‘All men steal’
“There’s no man on earth in Nigeria, from A-Z who will say he lives with the money you pay him monthly. The salaries of governors are N750,000 a month.

“So, if you don’t have a second office or something else to do, you must steal. Any political office holder who doesn’t have a second office, must steal”,

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