Rihanna wasn’t among the lucky 600 guests invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry in the UK. 
Rihanna, queen of pop and fashion icon gave a humble, honest response to a reporter who asked her if she was invited to the Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding in the UK.

The invited list to the Royal Wedding is kept to a close 600 invitees, way shorter that the usual list that comprised over two thousand guests.

Rihanna and Prince Harry met in 2016 at a Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission event, but Rihanna didn’t think that alone warranted an invite to the royal wedding.

Rihanna who seems to be even too busy working to know there’s a wedding coming up was shocked to be informed by the reporter.

“So is it really coming up? Like, soon or something?” she said.

“Yeah, in a week,” the reporter replied.

“Oh shoot!” she responded. “See, I need to stay on the Internet more.”

The reporter then promptly asked, “So you weren’t invited?”

She, being humble, was like, “Why would you even think I’m invited?”

The reporter might or might not have been caught off-guard and responded, “I don’t know. You met [Prince Harry].”

And then, Rihanna said jokingly, “OK, you met me. You think you’re coming to my wedding?”

The reporter then said, “Maybe!” and Rihanna asks if she’s invited to hers. “I mean, you’ll get the invite,” she responds.

“Oh, girl,” Rihanna replied, before flipping her gorgeous hair.

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