Is Globa com GSM network automatically subscribing its customers to different promos and subscriptions like MARKETPLACE job tips and taking their airtime money for such subscription without authorization or request from its subscribers?  And is it sheer coincidence that since this practice begun Global com live customer care has become reluctant to pick calls on its customer care lines?

I have been deducted 10 Naira on each SMS I received from this subscription number (577) and charged 30 for its renewal when I never demanded for or subscribed to such services.

After persistently calling customer care line (121) for weeks and got ignored, I resolved to be persistent today and got an answer from a representative.
The following conversation ensued between  the customer representative and I:

Customer Rep.; Good morning my name is….., how can I help you?

Me: good morning, please I’m calling in respect of a message from 577 that automatically subscribes me to  news on MARKETPLACE and job tips. I have never indicated interest or activated this service and I want it stopped.

Customer Rep. : Okay, if I get you correctly you want to unsubscribe from…

Me: I never subscribed for anything and I want it to be removed by whatever means or mechanism you guys got me there amd started deducting my airtime credit without my knowledge or consent.

Customer Rep: Ok, we have unsubscribed you. Please to Stop unsolicited text messages, diall STOP to …. thank you and have a nice day.

Me: One moment please, how did Glo deduct money from subscribers and unilaterally sign them up for promos and news alerts without their consents?

Customer Rep.: I’m not in a position to answer that.

Me: excuse me?

Customer Rep.: I said I am not in a position to answer that.

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