Is Democracy really the most ideal political setting most befitting for Africa?

Four years of political tenure. Two years of which is set apart for politicking and plotting for the next general elections!

Is 4 years really enough for fundamental change in socio-economic and ethno-religious harmony?

I have made a casual look at individual Western societies and observed that the leading western countries were built on benevolent absolute rulership.

France, Germany, Great Britain and to the East Russia and China were all pioneered by an absolute monarchy with little or no recourse to be bound by council’s decision.

What is France without a King Henry, or Britain without the crown, or German without Hitler (?) Or Russia without Lenin.

Mugabe stands as a possible pointer to the unsuitability of an absolute rulership in Africa, but do we have a democrat in Africa who has left any legacy as a recompense for the suitability of African democracy?

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