There’s been a clash between members of the NSCDC command in Bayelsa and the 16 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Yenogua.

Fracas started when the NSCDC intercepted two trucks filled with petrol by ogbia-Nembe road and was about taking them to their command when a group of soldiers out numbering the NSCDC members intercepted them, and took the trucks to their base on Friday.

While varuous unions fuel distribution unions are posing to stop supply in the state for the release of the trucks and the drivers said to still being held in the army base.

Meanwhile, the NSCDC claims it is constitutionally mandated to safeguard oil facilities, pipelines and oil theft but the army has countered that the attempted seizure of the fuel laden trucks by officials of the NSCDC is suspicious.

The army spokesman for the 16 battalion says the fuel is undergoing laboratory tests to ascertain if it was a fake a fake product or legally sourced from established channels.

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