Florent Ibenge, Head Coach of the visiting Democratic Republic of Congo national team says the friendly match his team played with the Super Eagles was not to win the Nigerian team.

Ibenge told newsmen in Port Harcourt on Tuesday that the game was to prepare the Nigerian, team for the World Cup.
“We did not come to win the Super Eagles of Nigeria but to give her a good match that could prepare the team well for the World Cup in Russia.

“We came to give the Super Eagle a good match to prepare and strengthen her for the World Cup.

“Nigeria has a good team and it was necessary to play a good game to put the team in a good shape for the World Cup,” he said.

One can’t help wondering how a team can claim to want to prepare another for a competitive tournament without wanting to score. How can a team be serious and draw out the best in another team when it doesn’t plan on winning or scoring?

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