Madrid Coasted home to a record three consecutive Champions league wins after Benzema opened scoring with one of the most bizarre goals in champions league history.

The game, which was more or else decided with the withdrawal of Salah in the first half after a shoulder injury in a tangle with Ramos, didn’t produce much spark except for Garrett Bale’s Overhead stunner.

Liverpool which lost its tempo and composure immediately Salah was forced out through injury didn’t look a threat, relying on long balls to pose a real danger.

Cristiano Ronaldo, all flashes and no real delivery was lurking in the shadows without coming to limelight. He was rendered ineffective for most part of the game while Bale showed real potent execution. Loris Karius, Liverpool’s goalie should be joining the headliners for an incredible assist. Perhaps, the English football philosophy of quick start and getting the ball across from the goalie to opponent’s area should share in the blame…

Mostly a boring, mediocre encounter but Madrid has charted the maps in European football no other club is likely to undo in years to come.

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