Manchester United earned slightly more money than champions Manchester City from the Premier League last season, despite City’s record-breaking campaign.

United, who finished second, received £149.77m, £328,491 more than City.

United were paid more because two more of their matches were shown live in the UK – which meant their facilities fee was £2.26m higher.

In total Premier League clubs received £2.42bn, £2.1m more than last season.

Jose Mourinho’s United were shown live on UK television 28 times this season, the same number as Liverpool and Arsenal, with City screened 26 times.

A club’s total payment is made up of UK broadcast revenue – of which 50% is shared equally between clubs, 25% is shared based on the number of live UK television matches, and 25% is based on league position – central commercial revenues and international broadcasting revenues.

City received £38.63m for winning the league, £1.93m more than second-placed United.

Payments to Premier League clubs 2017-18
Clubs (by league position) Number of live UK TV matches Merit payment (prize money for league position) Total payment
Manchester City 26 £38.63m £149.44m
Manchester United 28 £36.69m £149.77m
Tottenham 25 £34.76m £144.45m
Liverpool 28 £32.83m £145.90m
Chelsea 26 £30.90m £141.71m
Arsenal 28 £28.97m £142.04m
Burnley 10 £27.04m £119.77m
Everton 19 £25.11m £128.01m
Leicester 12 £23.18m £118.17m
Newcastle 18 £21.24m £123.02m
Crystal Palace 12 £19.31m £114.31m
Bournemouth 11 £17.38m £111.25m
West Ham 17 £15.45m £116.09m
Watford 10 £13.52m £106.25m
Brighton 13 £11.59m £107.71m
Huddersfield 10 £9.66m £102.39m
Southampton 16 £7.73m £107.24m
Swansea 10 £5.79m £98.53m
Stoke 12 £3.86m £98.86m
West Brom 10 £1.93m £94.67m

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