It was mild drama at the Force Headquarters Abuja as the petitioner, Ken Onoh did not appear at the police Headquarters Abuja in hearing of his own petition.

Lodega had reported that Ken Onoh, who was banished from Enugu-Ngwo community over allegations of selling off community land and other disorderly conducts, had gone to force headquarters Abuja to effect the arrest of the President-General, John Enwu over allegations of threat to life and criminal trespass. An allegation which the community say were fabricated and false. In response, the entire Enugu-Ngwo Community had sent its representatives to accompany the PG in responding to police invitation.

However drama ensured when the Investigating Police Officer placed a call to Mr Onoh, the petitioner, to enquire of his whereabouts. Mr. Ken was reported to have said he was on an official assignment and could not be present at the police station.

It was further revealed that Ken had alleged that his home was littered with fetish leaves and diabolic objects with flecks of blood sprinkled all over the place. The police was said to have inquired of Ken if the fetish substances were at his residence at the time of call to which he answered to the affirmative.

However a call was placed to one of the townsman to relay video feeds live and transmitted via social media to police Headquarters which proved there were no diabolic substances at Mr. Ken Residence.

Mr Ken was reported to have been given a directive by the police to appear on July 10 or risk being arrested.


During the course of the PG’s visit to Force Headquarters, it was gathered that notable personalities who learnt of the attempted arrest of the PG flew into Abuja to give support to the PG whose mode of leadership has been unprecedented in the community. Former Mister of Foreign Affairs, Dubem Onyia, Honourable Chime Orji, member House Of Representative, representing Enugu North And South; Rear Admiral Blessing Onyia and Enugu-Ngwo sons in daughters in Abuja and Lagos were amongst those who flew into Abuja to give support.

Enugu-Ngwo Community also sent delegates to debunk the allegations of Mr Ken. The delegates comprise Chief Humphrey OZOANI community Chief;
Ikenga Sam. Chime Chairman Council of elders; Hon. Ben. ONYIA Chairman strategy Committee;
Engr. Ben UGWU member Council of elders;  Ozo Uchenna Ozokwor; Mrs. Hope Eze Rep. Women Gen. Assembly and others.
The Delegates and the PG has returned to the community and have addressed the people of Enugu-Ngwo pertaining the visits to the police headquarters.

The police had slated July 10 where it has become mandatory for Mr Ken Onoh to appear at Police Headquarters to defend his claims.

However, credible sources who elected to remain anonymous have stated that effort is being put in place from officials at Enugu Government House to settle the melee amicably without resorting to legal action. It was been confirmed that a former minister is being implored to use his influence to calm the situation.

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