Enugu-Ngwo has released the price lists of forms for various positions in its town union elective offices.

Surprisingly the prices for forms for various offices have remained unchanged except for the new addition of vice president which was unavailable during the last election three years ago.

Enugu-Ngwo has made a number of ratifications to its constitution, one of which is the inclusion of the position of the vice president to be included during the run-up to the elections. In previous elections the runner-up in the presidential election automatically takes the vice president slot.

With the recent constitutional development, both the presidential and vice presidential aspirants will jointly purchase of form costing fifty thousand Naira (50,000) . Others are:

*Secretary > Twenty thousand Naira (20,000)

*Financial Secretary> Twenty thousand Naira (20,000)

*Treasurer> Twenty thousand Naira (20,000)

*Legal Adviser > Twenty thousand Naira (20,000)

*PRO > Ten Thousand Naira (10,000)

*Provost> Ten Thousand Naira (10,000).

Elections into various offices into the town union government of Enugu-Ngwo will commence on 19 October 2019.

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