The tourism-worthy, ancient and historical road in Enugu-Ngwo, popularly known as Milliken Hill road, that has seen a total renovation and reconstruction by the State Government was greeted with an equally unprecedented gesture and huge relief by the entire community of Ngwo and Enugu residents in general as that portion of the road has not been repaired since its original state in 1928.

The community which came in droves and large numbers to show their gratitude and appreciation to Governor Ugwuanyi during the commisioning and opening of the road could not hide their joy and relief as they sang and danced waving banners bearing extolment for the Governor.

However, the Milliken Hill road had been bad for decades and abandoned by each successive administration until the Ugwuanyi-led Administration delivered on promise, so much so that most motorists never envisaged the road will be fixed. The Onitsha-Enugu express road has been completely washed away by age and time abandoned so that most transporters and commercial vehicles now ply the hitherto less-busy Milliken Hill road in haste and unsafe speed unsuitable for a small road in a small town that has schools, churches and residential buildings flanked along its entire span.

Already there have been series of accidents on the road in just the short period of its creation that has resulted in seven loss of lives ready. Virtually all vehicles headed to Anambra from Enugu and Enugu to Anambra and those going up Northern parts of Nigeria from various parts of the East now use the Milliken Hill road as an alternative to avoiding the totally bad Onitsha-Enugu express resulting in hasty and impatient driving.

Nearly all the accident recorded that has claimed 7 lives already involved vehicles that usually do not ply the road usually, they were vehicles that have habitually resorted to avoiding the Ogwu onyeama road in Onitsha-Enugu express road because of its bad state.

Lodega, while speaking with most residents in Enugu-Ngwo community and those who lost their loved ones to the road tragedy, they expressed gratitude to the state government led by Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for remembering the community after series of abandonment by past Administrations but requested that the kindhearted Governor grants the community the power to install speed bumps in strategic places to forestall reckless driving and safeguard children who attend schools along the road as well as the market area in Ekeani that has alot of human activities.

Lodega has discovered that this kind request was also contained in the Thank you note to the Governor by the President-General of Enugu-Ngwo community, Mr John Enwu but was unaware to be delivered due to time constraints.

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