Could Agu Gab Agu Become Ngwo Political Gift To Enugu State?

I was shaken to my bone marrow in a pleasantly eerie way when I read an article about Professor Agu Gab Agu by Onyekwere Nwobodo on Facebook. The realisation that one can assess an individual or situation from your own purview as if he or she is a projection of yourself and be on the same plane with you in perception, understanding and import ushers in a closeness akin to kinship.

Onyekwere Nwobodo, a former senior editor of Daily Times was uncannily spot-on with his assessment of professor Agu Gab Agu, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Senatorial apsirant for Enugu East Senatorial District.

While reading Mr. Nwobodo’s assessment of the Law Professor, I was overtaken by the details of my own interview with the eloquent Law Professor, both at his country home in Ngwo and his office at Zik’s Avenue Enugu.

Prof. Agu Gab (left) at Family Love FM on political talk show

And one of the many thoughts that never stopped hanging on the edges of my mind is “why now?”. Why did it take all this while for the Law icon to saddle the treacherous waters of Nigerian politics to navigate us all into calmer and more predictable shores?

I was taken aback by the nerve-jolting honesty of Agu Gab and his simplicity and straight-cut ideals for his political goal for the people of Enugu East Senatorial District. Not only did the Professor unflinchingly admitted to not having an external financial sponsor to bankroll his political efforts, but he gave humbling reasons as to why the culture of political financiers have shortchanged us by delivering politicians whose motivations are geared towards upholding the bargains of their sponsors as against the electorate, thereby reducing many political office holders into mere puppet-delegates controlled behind the scenes by puppeteers with deep, dark pockets. While interview the Agu Gab, I was intellectually humbled by his knowledge of geology , engineering and his history of Enugu State.

Campaign train marching for Agu Gab

Paying close attention to the political activities, rallies, campaigns and commercials of Agu Gab, one cannot help but notice his appeal to individuals, friends and family many of whom have made out time in their busy schedules to join on the polical train of the professor, travelling distances to Nkanu East and West, and Enugu South an beyond from their own pockets, motivated by nothing other than the belief and ideals laid down by Agu Gab.

Not only is his campaign moderately financed with a large voluntary base and support, the atmosphere gives off a feeling of unprecedented grassroot mutual political participation and voluntary camaraderie as against the “do-or-die” jostling for financial favours that usually mark Nigerian campaign activities.

In my experience, nowhere has Nigeria’s dream political ideals and participation been exemplified than in Proefessor Agu Gab campaign and activities. Perhaps, Enugu State nay all political parties in Nigeria can begin to draw example of the philosophy and embrace politics with common interests and political participation not dominated by financial considerations.

Closing with the resounding scripting and apt description of the person of Professor Agu Gab Agu by Onyekwere Nwobodo;

“In Enugu,the political language of the day is carry-go! I have no issues with that,but I am so persuaded that top export materials like Professor Agu Gab Agu,are not so common amongst us,and are rarely interested in political offices. I need not compare Prof.Agu with anybody who has offered himself for the same Enugu East Senatorial representation,whether incumbent or not,but my charge to our people is to think well and get it right,this time. Prof. Agu is unlikely to have the cash to throw around or inclination to throw muds as is customary,but if we miss him,we miss the quality representation we have craved for a long while now.”

One need no say more but offer prayers backed with political efforts to ensure Prof. Agu Gab will have the opportunity put his political vision and ideal into use in a way to herald a quiet political renaissance that will change our political participation culturally.

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