Enugu State Police Command, IG Squad has requested the presence of certain persons of interest over attempts to frame the President-general of Enugu-Ngwo.

According to the details of the petition written and submitted to the Commisioner Of Police Enugu State by Mr John Enwu, certain names of interest include:

* Josef Umunnakwe Onoh, aka Ken Onoh

* Christopher Okwudili Ani aka, Okwui Anya Red

* Ikechukwu Onoh aka Iyko Power

* Abuchi Onoh aka Ally Bongo

* Chris Agu aka Ospito

*Japhet Okwor

* Chijioke Ude aka Ukwu n’akpoenyi

According to a petition written with the letterhead of Enugu-Ngwo Community by its President-General, John Enwu, to the Commisioner Of Police Enugu, lodega.com can authoritatively reveal that a fresh plot to frame the popular community leader over  phantom allegations has been unearthed.

With a host of legal litigations pending at several state high Courts and a series of police invitations to Force Headquarters, Abuja, a new twist between Enugu-Ngwo Community and Ken Onoh has taken another dimension.

According to the petition written to the police by the community government and obtained by lodega, there has been a series of cooked up allegations against the PG of the community over his refusal to compromise in the illegal grabbing and disposition of community land by Ken Onoh and his cohorts who have vowed to disrupt the peace of the community unless the Community concedes their land interests to them. However while various allegations allegedly fabricated by the group had become a matter of litigation and police invitation, the latest attempt took an interesting note which prompted the PG to come out of his defensive shell and unleash what has become an unprecedented and unpredictable act of legal attack against the group.

It all began on the 14th day of July, 2018 when the group allegedly stormed the construction site of a certain Chijioke Aneke who was undertaking a construction work on his acquired land at Iva-Valley axis, and sought to coerce him to state that the President-General was involved in illegal land deal and also sold the portion of land to him illegally.

The brave Aneke reportedly refused to compromise the integrity of the PG and insisted he had bought the land long before the PG took office. Despite being threatened with the power to revoke the land and destroy the building as an illegal structure, Aneke stated he could not willingly lie to frame up an innocent individual.

After being being threatened with arrest and subsequently with material benefits, Mr Aneka told the Community of his travails and predicaments…

Quoting an excerpt in the petition written to the police: “.. that Onoh has redoubled his concerted efforts to deal ruthlessly with the President General by drawing some people into his web, such persons like: Mr. Emma Onoh, The Executive Chairman Enugu North Local Government, Christopher Okwudili Ani aka Anya Red, Administrator Enugu North East and The Commisioner for Works Engr. (Sir) Greg Nnaji”.

The petition also stated that Mr Josef Onoh could be using the Commissioner and the Enugu North Local Government boss unbeknownst to them to make his illicit acts look genuine.

As of the time of publishing none of the interested parties were available for comments but reports reaching us indicate Josef Onoh and his cohorts will soon be made to answer at the Enugu State police command anytime.

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