The plot to terminate the life of the President-General, Enugu-Ngwo, John Enwu, by people whose means of illicit wealth have been stifled has taken a deeper dimension.


Listening to the grave remark by Chief Ozoani last Saturday at the prayer session in Ekeani hall, one could tell something sinister and troubling is on the verge of being unleashed , hence Lodega carried an investigative report to ascertain the matter in its exhaustive context…

It was a gory scene in 2005 when brothers in Enugu-Ngwo took up arms against fellow brothers over civil matters that could have been resolved communally. Houses were torched, properties gutted, people displaced and the socio-economic fabric torn apart has not been fully mended today.

It is one scene everyone wishes to banish from the deepest recesses of their minds. The community has taken great stride in healing, reconciliation and reintegration to foster greater unity and sense of communal bond.

However recent reports and findings have revealed people are often poor students of history and the ugly dragon of greed, materialism and power-jostling is about to consume Enugu-Ngwo yet again.

Few elements of distortion have resolved to undermine the legitimate process and resolution reached and taken by the parliament in Enugu-Ngwo and have vowed to truncate the entire process. These persons, not numbering more than three, are not just single-minded in their greed but have no respect for the wishes and opinion of the people of Enugu-Ngwo. Holding the community in a chokehold and fleecing off her resources and land in a bizarre manner, this small group of mindless individuals have been denied the opportunity of looting and syphoning the commonwealth of Enugu-Ngwo that they have resolved to assassinate the President-General, John Enwu of the community to have their way.

Reports reaching Lodega are exhaustive in details and account that this group who have perfected plans to kill the PG, so as to create a leadership vacuum in the community to pave way for the grabbing of communal land and revenue accruing from markets and other business premises forming the part of the revenue of Enugu-Ngwo community.

Nze John Enwu, PG Enugu-Ngwo

Findings by our correspondents revealed it has not been business as usual for the cabals since the John Enwu-led government has introduced a communal-based style of governance where the commonwealth of the community is shared by all.

During a prayer session periodically held at Ekeani Hall on the 24th November, the Chief of the community, Chief Ozoani was not mincing words when he stated forces within the community have vowed to destroy–with arms– the legitimate process of parliament change in the executive council.

These people are not different from those who have been dissatisfied with the land sharing formula reached by the community and it is up to the people of Enugu-Ngwo to uphold the system of transparency and accountability and not to slide into the era of land grabbing by the powerful and heartless.

While this reporter has chosen not to mention names of the unholy assemblage of men and woman who have agreed to do away with the well-loved PG of Enugu-Ngwo to give a small window of reconciliation, there might be need to publish the facts with names in future reports.

These happenings are not dissimilar to what transpired in 2005 that engulfed the entire community in flames and soaked in the tears of our women and mothers. Perhaps, we can forestall the carnage spawned by nothing but the greed of the enemy and thaw this loomimg monster lurking in the corridors of our collective peace and progress.

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