In a desperate fallout of the earlier attempt to truncate the constitutional review and amendment undertaken by the Congress of Enugu-Ngwo, Lodega media has unearthed another plot to use a reputable umbrella body of families in Ngwo to subvert a duly processed constitutional review.

Lodega media can authoritatively state that some group of individuals are trying to use a reputable body of families in Enugu-Ngwo called Obodo Ato Uwani– albeit, unbeknownst to the umbrella body of families– to achieve its political goal of maligning and subverting the current administration of Enugu-Ngwo.

This reporter has it on good grounds that  this noteworthy, historic and respectable body of families in Enugu-Ngwo, Obodo Ato Uwani, is being unwittingly used to overturn a bill of amendment duly passed by the seating Congress in Enugu-Ngwo.

Political observers in Enugu-Ngwo are perplexed that Obodo Ato Uwani which isn’t recognised legally as an entity in the constitution of Enugu-Ngwo would take it upon itself to write a letter to Congress intimating it of its displeasure of the bill when its body of families are duly represented and recognised in Congress.

One would have expected the group to have lobbied its representatives through the various families in Congress not to assent to the bill rather than trying to smother the Congress to do its bidding. One political commenter stated that Obodo Ato Uwani isn’t an entity known in law in Enugwu, but various families comprising it is recognised and therefore it would have been more politically expedient to have lobbied its own family representative rather than writing to Congress.


However, various Families within Obodo Ato Uwani have distanced themselves from the individuals attempting to hoodwink the public by painting a false picture of comraderie with the group to gain sympathy votes.  The family of Umunnadingene, which coincidentally is the family of the past PG, Japhet Okwor, has formally resolved to distance itself from the individuals in their effort to overturn the stance of the Congress and the administration of John Enwu.

May we bring to your notice that the above mentioned family wish to disassociate themselves from the ongoing mischievous and callous moves by some desperate individual to truncate the peacful coexistence and good governance enjoyed by the good people of Enugwu Ngwo.We hereby states that the decision of the Congress supersedes individual or group interest concerning the ongoing constitutional review this decision was reach this day 14-12-2018.Long live Enugwu Ngwo.

Engr Charles o Eze
Chairman{ umunnadingene family Enugwu Ngwo}

Report reaching Lodega media has also confirmed that the family of Umuaniezi and several others have also dissociated themselves from the group.

Investigation shows some group of individuals are hellbent on truncating the decision reached and adopted by the Congress of Enugu-Ngwo over its constitution review.

Earlier Lodega had reported a decision taken by Congress to extend the tenure of office holders in Enugu-Ngwo through constitutional amendment duly passed by the members of the Congress. However,  it is reported that some individuals unhappy with the development had sort to disrupt the process rather than lobby their own representatives in Congress not to assent to the bill of constitutional change. The situation which later snowballed into an alleged plot to violently disrupt Congress seating and harm the President-General, John Enwu was resolved when the IGP X SQUAD intervened through a written petition.


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