Who’s Asking The Pertinent Questions?

Enugu-Ngwo can readily be dubbed the GRA of Enugu metropolis. For many decades, the hilly suburb has enjoyed top notch security and basic amenities like natural water, hotels, relaxation spots and serene environment with hilly surroundings and natural vegetation. Today, the community is being besieged by unprecedented security sabotage right at the very heart of the community.

By 2am local time, one serene Wednesday, September 9, a lone unrecognised car, drove into Industrial Mission,– A section of Ngwo that should be safe– some men alighted, went into one of the compounds, armed with a metal cutter and severed the chains securing a 2.8KV generator set. They rolled it unto the waiting, steaming car and drove away under the blurry dark cloud of the night. Buoyed by the unchallenged success of the generator theft, the familiar band of thieves struck 3 days ago, this time climbing an EEDC electric pole to disconnect a transformer before unearthing the cables of the transformer right under the very noses of members of the watching community.

Vandalised Transformer

Basking in the euphoria of the easy spoils of community theft, the inexorable thieves struck yet again, this time, the cables of the transformer of Colliery Secondary school was vandalised and stolen without a trace or answer.

These were no isolated incidents from opportunistic band of thieves who happened to be at the right place and time. The timing, execution and operations all point to people who are all too well familiar with the terrain and characteristics of the community and also a people very familiar and in tune with the vulnerable time the community defences are down.The pertinent question is who are they? Is this an in-house renegade theft or a daring adventurous operation from a foreign thief? Is this the begining of a pattern? Or just the opportunistic exploitation of lapses?

2.8 KV generator set stollen at Industrial Mission
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