The community of Enugu-Ngwo, comprising its cabinet, Council Of Elders, President General and Traditional ruler has reportedly pardoned its son, Josef Umunakwe Onoh Alias Ken Onoh after a prolonged faceoff between both parties which led to the banishment of Mr. Onoh.

Lodega had reported  the community’s banishment and excommunication of Ken Onoh over land disputes which the village claimed belonged communally to the families of Ngwo, but which Ken had been accused of laying claim on and distributing same to friends and cronies.

Enugu-Ngwo had gone to impose a proclamation of banishment and a corresponding fine of cow and other conditions before Ken Onoh would be reintegrated into the community.

Inside sources revealed to Lodega that Ken had monetized the cow and fulfilled other conditions including striking off the two law suits he had taken against the entire community at Enugu State High Court.

Lodega had it in good authority that Ken Onoh had presented cash equivalent to the cow which the community had imposed as a fine over his encroachment into community land and dragging the community elders and executives into legal jostling with State High Court as well as  with the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) over what the Community said were phantom allegations and charges.

Mr ken Onoh who had agreed to meet the conditions of his village community and government and had also struck out the two cases at the Enugu High Court he had instituted against the community Task Force Chairman and community representatives.

While the President-General and its cabinet  and some members of The Council Of Elders are ready to revoke the excommunication order and banishment declaration, some members of representatives in the cabinet and council of elders are reported to be insistent on the appearance of Mr Ken Onoh in person.

Their grievances are believed to have stemmed from the alleged snub by Onoh over previous invitation by the Council Of Elders when he reportedly waded into the communual land.

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