Enugu-Ngwo MS football Cup competition commences in earnest with the opening match between Umuode and Umushingwu, both of whom were at the finals of the last edition.

The competition which kicked off today is being wholly sponsored by Movement Smiling, an indigenous son of Enugu Ngwo and successful artist with the “Black and Proud” fame hit in collaboration with 2face Idibia.

The competition which is an annual event has a prize of one million Naira and has been renamed MS Cup football competition after the chief sponsor, Movement Smiling.

Chief Ozoani, PG, John Enwu being introduced by The Umuode captain to his team

Engr. Pana Eze with Umushingwu Football Team

From left: Chris Chime, PG, John Enwu, Chief Ozoani, Engr. Pana Eze


To kick start this year’s event, the opening ceremony was graced by notable dignitaries from Enugu Ngwo, Chief Ozoani, John Enwu, the President-General Enugu-Ngwo and Engr Pana Eze who is the chairman of the event.

Opening match had a ring of last edition’s final between Umuode and Umushingwu. Umushingwu had gone on to defeat Umuode 2-1 to emerge eventual winners of the maiden MS Cup has also opened the competition with a 2-0 victory over Umuode.

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