Industrial Mission had to overcome all odds to pull  level with a very unprofessional, anti-football Obuozougwu who had scored ealry in the first half.

It took almost all of the 90 minute regular time for Mission team to overcome the referee’s incompetence and an Obuozougwu team who had no respect for the game or cared much about winning in style to seal a draw.

The team from Obuozougwu relied on luck than design to scale through the game as all dead balls were deliberately cleared deep into the forest to wind down the clock and stall the momentum of a much gallant Industrial Mission team. The referee lost control of the game as the soon enough as the dirty trick escaped the referee’s scrutiny.

It was a gallant team from Industrial Mission who braced the odds to pull a goal to level up against an Obuozougwu team who did not care to pretend they did not come to play .

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