The local security outfit of Enugu-Ngwo has been striped off its arms by the Enugu Police over what many believe to be phantom allegations by some individuals in what has come to be seen as a political tussle within Enugu-Ngwo.

Sources who crave anonymity stated that the Ngwo security watch which has been in existence for a long time as local security outfit similar to what obtains in most rural and urban establishments in South East Nigeria was mischievously dubbed as an armed cult group by some individuals who wanted to cast the John Enwu-led administration in a bad light.

Lodega picked up some scoops that there was a report at State CID police headquarters where allegations were made that the Ngwo government was arming cultists, a situations that necessitated the police to withdraw the arms used for night watch by the local security.

When a correspondent sought to know if there’s been any incident or accusations of violence within the community against the individuals of the local security, one of the members said there has been no incident or report of violence against the security outfit which is made of volunteers comprising civil servants, public officials and federal paramilitary personnel.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, one of the security volunteer said the community is now more vulnerable than ever before. ” There’s already two incidents of car robberies at gunpoint in Enugu-Ngwo.

“The day our guns were retrieved, there was sporadic shooting in some areas that night that we all scampered for safety.

“It is the community that is suffering it”, the security volunteer went on, “those who are endangering the lives and security of the community for their desperate political ends are not doing the community any good”, he concluded.

The security outfit are usually employed during wakes, burial ceremonies and used as night guards around areas marked as flashpoints.

Sources within the Enugwu government has intimated Lodega that a Facebook message of assault that went viral was at the bottom of the matter. The community leaders had gone to the police to report the falsity of the Facebook post and the poster invited for interrogation. Information reaching our newsdesk has it that the Facebook user then claimed the local security are armed cultists from the government of the community.

For now, the community is sleeping without its trusted local security outfit that usually are positioned in strategic places to keep watch over the community. There’s also a growing feeling of insecurity around over recent spate of gunshots and car robberies.

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