In a bold effort to support the Enugu State Governor’s effort to maintain the natural topography of the landscape of MILLIKEN Hill Road, part of which was washed away after a heavy downpour shortly after the reconstruction of the road ,Enugu-Ngwo Community led by its President-General, John Enwu has embarked on an unprecedented communal effort of planting trees deep inside the valley of Milliken hill to prevent the devastating effects of erosion and mudslide from sweeping off parts of the newly reconstructed Milliken road from erosion and mudslide that washed part of the newly reconstructed road.

The President-General of Enugu-Ngwo community, Brother, John Enwu who championed the initiative drew attention to a couple of illegal structures at the Milliken valley.Enugwu-Ngwo PG, John Enwu in a tree planting exercise at Milliken hill.

Speaking to, John Enwu disclose that the tree planting exercise is for the sustainability of the road the Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has build for for the community.

Speaking further, the President-General stated that, “the initiative is to ensure that the road remains functional because, if we don’t embark in this tree planting exercise, the illgical structures and illicit felling of trees indiscriminately will threaten the sustainability of the road.

Engr. Anthony Orji, Youth Council Chairman, Enugu-Ngwo

” Also the community is also embarking on marking illegal structures of those that have built close to the Milliken hill without permit. Those structures will have to be removed as they have also been marked by the Government as illegal.

A section of Enugu-Ngwo Youth planting trees at Milliken.

Last month, the Enugu State government had decried the practice of massive felling of trees for commercial purposes by some group of people, a situation that resulted in the collapse of some section of the newly reconstructed Milliken Hill Road.

Throwing more light, The Youth Council Chairman of Enugu-Ngwo Community, Engr. Anthony Orji, lamented, “You can see what is happening to the road the state Governor just did for us…all the trees holding the road are being cut down and commercialise, so we thought it right to start now…we have been warning them to stop the encroachment but they refused, so what we have decided to do is to come and re-afforest this place because of we don’t do it, our children will not have anywhere to call Milliken hill”.

on number of illegal structures being constructed at the foot of Milliken hill and the cutting of trees that have held the road against sliding.

The Youth Council Chairman also called on the Enugu State government to reintroduce thr servieces of forest guards to checkmate the usecof tree as domestic fuel for cooking and commercialisation.

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