Underneath The Legal Tussle…

What might seem like a usual legal action seeking genuine redress to an observer afar is but an expected dogged political jostling using whatever means available as a weapon to achieve a political end…at least, this is the opinion of most residents of Enugu-Ngwo.

After the shocking, unprecedented move of dragging the President-General of Enugu-Ngwo, Nze John Enwu, before the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over an alleged misappropriation of 200 million naira, the community managed to abate what might have turned out to be another communal strife over what many have come to attribute as politically motivated trumped-up accusations to stifle the goodwill the John Enwu-led administration enjoys.

Coincidence Or Mere Happenstance?

Investigations by Lodega Media indicates, the petitioners are more or less the same individuals whom the President-General had dragged before the Inspector General Of Police X Squad around November last year, claiming a plot to frame him up by coercion. Further findings indicate it is the same individuals who had vehemently opposed a Congress law enabling present officeholders to become eligible to stand for re-election.

John Enwu addressing a large crowd at Ekeani Market who had come to receive him after his visit to the EFCC

The Allegations

Lodega has the scoop that the 6 petitioners who had dragged the President-General before the EFCC had alleged that the PG runs a private account with his brother, Harrison Enwu, on the community water scheme, and as reported in some media outlets, that only the duo are signatory to the account. Finding however revealed that there are four signatories to the community water scheme account, namely; The President-General, the Secretary, Chairman Water scheme and the President of the General Assembly.

The John-Enwu led government was also accused of not keeping the community apprised in the runnings of the community affairs. Investigations by our correspondent indicates an annual report is often scheduled for the 26 December.

The President-General was also allegedly accused of being the sole signatory of the government’s account, however stipulations and guidelines of the community system maintains both the Treasurer, the PG and the Secretary are all signatories to the account.

The President-General was allegedly accused of diverting community funds to purchase a Hilux Pickup and two buses. Findings showed that the buses were designated for community use for commuting residents to and fro Enugu at a lower cost than what obtains from the regular charges.

The Hilux Pickup was also donated by indigenes of Enugu-Ngwo resident outside their homeland in appreciation for the good governance of the present administration. The Hilux was presented to the Igwe, I.O.U Ayalogu who in turn presented the vehicle to the PG.

Personal Interest Or Love For Community?

What many still considered a puzzle is the notice of the petitioners. As some notable personalities within the community stated that the 6 individuals who had filed a petition against the PG wanted things to return to the old ways where few people seize the commonwealth of the community for personal enjoyment. One of the notable elders who accompanied the PG to Ander to the EFCC summons, stated ” look around you, can’t you see the Igwe, the Chief of elders, the Chief Of the community, the women leaders ,the local security chiefs and the ordinary people all here to support their PG?

” Have you gone to Ekeani market? It has been closed down by the women as an indication of solidarity for the PG.”

One of the women leaders who preferred anonymity stated, “the whole village is for the PG, you can see everyone is behind him. So these 6 people are representing themselves. They are people who wants to have access to our common land and market revenues but the PG has stopped all that and everyone now enjoys the benefits of being an Enugu-Ngwo citizen.”

It is noteworthy that these same individuals had filed a suit to an Enugu High Court calling for the cancellation of a bill duly passed by the Congress enabling Office Holders to contest elections after a protracted legal battle, the matter was withdrawn from court and the Enugu North Local Government Chairman, Hon. Emma Onoh brokered a solution to the political melee. The off-court decisions were still being finalized before a case of financial misappropriation was filed to the EFCC by the same group.

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