Lodega media can authoritatively report that the President General of Enugu-Ngwo, Nze John Enwu has been summoned by the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) after some persons believing to be political opponents wrote a petition to the antigraft agency.

According to reports, the petition was served to Nze John Enwu yesterday at the Igwe’s palace, Igwe Ayalogu, by a certain comrade Christopher Agu aka Ospito who is a staff of Radio Nigeria Enugu.

John Enwu, PG Enugu-Ngwo on community tree-planting exercise

Responding to the development, most indigenes and elders of the community are of the opinion that the latest invitation by the EFCC is just a sustained ploy by a handful of political enemies who had earlier laid phantom allegations to the Nigeria police against the PG, to distract and derail the good work of the PG.

Speaking anonymously to Lodega Media, an influential Chief in the community opined that, ” this is the most transparent administration we have had in the history of Enugu-Ngwo, and we more or less expect the EFCC to focus on better and serious cases of national importance than worry about village town union administration”.

A member of the Enugu-Ngwo congress stated that, ” after failing to prove their phantom cases with the Nigeria police, these desperate political detractors are now hoping to use the EFCC to instill fear in the mind of the President-General”.

It should be recalled that the Congress and people of Enugu-Ngwo have asked the President-General to go for a second term in office in appreciation of his good works in providing water, scholarship and welfare for the elderly in the community, acts most people agree are unprecedented in the administration of any other President-General in the history of Enugu-Ngwo.

Thus far, Nze John Enwu has refrained from going for a second term as he had repeatedly stated that he has no ambition for another term in office. ” I value the peace of the community far more than another term in office.

“I cannot go beyond God’s mandate for me”.

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