Either by political motivation or personal vendetta, James Loius has a lot to say about Bianca Onoh, Nigeria’s former ambassador to Spain and wife of the late Ikemba Odimegwu Chukwuemeka.

I never intended to share these stories since I tagged them personal but i discovered that my destiny and that of other Anambra south senatorial zone is at stake,i decided to let the cat out.
All the concerned well wishers and close members of Ojukwu family had convened at the London hospital for a sole plan of evacuating Ikemba to a higher equipped hospital with more sophisticated medical facilities, the powerful woman thwarted their plans, removed the life support and took Eze igbo to old people’s home against medical advice from the doctor and family members.Eze igbo Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu died in less than 24 hours after this action.
I was the event manager and funeral director. On the eve of the first day of funeral,bianca sent a banker to the table of umunna where Emeka was seated as the chief mourner to take delivery of all condolence money package to the amazement of on lookers,Ojukwus and umunna, it took the intervention of emeke Ojukwu jnr to send the banker away,another show of GREED, DOMINANCE AND SELFISH SCHEMES of Bianca which vehemently failed. Meanwhile from the funeral records, before the funeral date proper. FGN had paid 100 million to her personal account, Anambra state government, 100 million, Enugu state government 50 million, Ebonyi state government 50 million, Abia state government 50 million, imo state government 50 million, Cross river and Akwa ibom government 50 million respectively and untold millions of naira from other governments and private citizens. Unfortunately, Dim Odumegwu older children ie Debe, Emeka, Okigbo, Mimi, Ebele and Tenni Ojukwu did not see 1kobo of all this monies till date. These info can be confirmed from Ojukwu’s children as they are all on Facebook.you can also go to the principal secretaries of the mentioned governments for confirmation. I began to wonder where those monies went into. I engaged 10 caterers for the funeral and i neither gave them elephant nor lion meat for cooking, it was still normal cow and chicken meat they used cooking.
Mrs Bianca Ojukwu has a generally known history of property dragging both with her family, the Onoh’s and Ojukwu, her husband’s.. At Onoh’s family, she took her siblings to court concerning their fathers wealth, Down here, she’s also in tussle with Ojukwu’s for Sir Louis Philipe Ojukwu’s property.
As a sitting ambassador, she used government power and insisted to solely plan her mother’s funeral against Ngwos tradition and opinion of the entire family. Her elder brother GB Onoh locked the entire house and travelled to U.S.. At last she had her way and went ahead to conduct the funeral alone.Ojukwu’s did not attend the funeral as she is not in good terms with the whole family. The same thing she tried doing during the funeral of Ikemba with the three cows brought by Author Nzeribe. She said is her personal gift from Eze igbo’s friend.emeka ordered me to kill the 3cows for pepper soup and suya which i did.
All this are reason she made her senatorial declaration at innocent plaza instead of Ojukwu’s compound. Innoson who received her did not give APGA 1kobo that faithful day but some e-rats are saying that innoson said!!.
Having read through her history of dominance, greed, arrogant and selfish desires both at home and Ojukwu’s family, the question is “IS SHE THE BEST FOR ANAMBRA SOUTH??”

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