It is yet another instance of contempt of court by Nigeria security operatives and law enforcement agencies. In a country where court rulings against the Police on civil matters, in the nature award of damages, apologies, retrieval of  unfounded accusations, are seldom enforced by the police itself, it has almost become a judicial exercise of futility. A process lacking any real enforcement abilities except the police itself is  so willing to abide to judicial pronouncements which , sadly, isn’t always the case.

This has been the situation when a man named Pastor Sylvester Okoye who won a court case against SARS, Awkuzu in Anambra State, is currently living in fear, After They threatened to silence him, Its all started in 2015 after they accused him of stealing a car, He was arrested tortured and all, Now in return he sued them to court, And won the case against them, Court Ordered SARS to pay him N10million for damages, But According to his son Emeka Okoye they have refused, and is rather threatening to kill him.

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