The Abia State government yesterday responded to allegations by Dr Alex Otti which accuses Governor Ikpeazu of borrowing too much and raising Abia debt profile.

A statement from the Abia Government House said Otti’s continued false allegations against the Abia State Government led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, revealed that the defeated APGA candidate, Alex Otti, is still sore from his loss in 2015 and is yet to come to terms with the fact of his defeat and subsequent political decimation arising from Governor Ikpeazu’s sterling performance in the past three years.

“Since his defeat at the polls, Otti’s desperation has led him into all sorts of actions and utterances that mock his credential as a former managing director of a bank. Otti continues to masturbate with the notion that he won the 2015 election even after the Supreme Court has litigated on the matter three times and confirmed that Dr Okezie Ikpeazu won the election freely and fairly.

“His latest rant on radio that the Ikpeazu administration has borrowed heavily and mortgaged generations of Abians is obviously a campaign material fishing expedition by a man who is desperate to find what to use in maligning his vanquisher who is locally and nationally acknowledged to have performed excellently even in the midst of dwindling resources.

“Which banker worth his calling will make allegations on borrowing without stating verifiable figures to buttress his position?

“We challenge Alex Otti to state clearly what the state has borrowed to “mortgage future generation of Abians” and use standard financial analytical tools such as debt to liquidity ratio, debt to revenue ratio and other cash flow analysis tools to evaluate the data for the world to read and shame him on the financial state of Abia State.

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