FLASH flood yesterday morning, swept away a 504 Peugeot vehicle with four occupants behind Governor’s Lodge Amawbia, Awka South local government area, Anambra state allegedly killing a 14- year-old girl.

The girl was in the flood for over four hours and was still alive when rescued but reportedly died at the hospital at about 5pm.

The stream, Obibia normally overflows its bank whenever there is a heavy down pour. The heavy down pour started from 3:30 pm on Tuesday and continued from the wee hours of Wednesday till 11 am or there about.

The vehicle was heading to Nibo via City Landmark Hotel road but immediately its tyres entered the flood , the engine stopped and gradually docked into a ditch, then inside the river from the culvert.

Narrating the ordeal, eye witnesses, Ogechukwu Chine and Chinenye Okafor said the girl was in the flood from 7: 30 am till 2 pm when she was rescued by life guards with the help of a crane driver and rushed to an undisclosed hospital .

The eyewitnesses said the girl was sick and they were going to get money allegedly from their father before the incident happened.

When Vanguard got to the scene of the incident , the 504 was still inside the stream while the man who rescued the five persons said it was only God that saved them as he came 45 minutes after and the flood had thrown them up and down several times but he braved it to assist in rescuing them with his brothers.

He said the girl’s rescue became difficult because she was trapped inside while others were thrown out by the flood because of high current.

Early last month, Lodega also reported four bankers lost their lives in Anambra after a heavy downpour resulting in a flood that  swept away their car into a river drowning all the occupants of the vehicle

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