Nigerian men are the only specie of the human male gender who would readily bend to ease life for his partner, perhaps more so than any other male of other race.

1. Only a Nigerian male would marry a woman three times over just to please her and fulfil all her wild fantasies!

From traditional marriage obligations, to religious requirements and statutory bonding in court marriages. The average Nigerian male is ready to walk the distance just to please his women! Expending resources in  vain repetitive marriage rites in a single objective; marriage to one lady

Only Nigerian men have the tolerance of watching his girl spend more time in hairdressing salon than she does in the bedroom!

2 The average Nigerian girl does her hair twice monthly and she covers it up with an unattractive nightcap. Damn! We love to see your hair spread out in the pillow and get ruffled in wild love-making.

And you girls look like sugery patients about to be taken into the operating theatre when you have that sexless nightcap on.

Your mommas never told you just your hair can stir up the most violent erection in a man?

3  Only Nigerian men will spend on your family members even though the knowledge that you don’t respect his own family isn’t lost to him.

He will still foot marriage, burial and birthday bills for your family members just to please you

4 Only Nigerian men accept a wife as a feminist and still pay her bills, buy her mobile gadgets, and tolerate her double life,
look after their family members, send expensive gifts every Yuletide and other festivities. And her only right to the feminist title is her entitlement to his earnings and properties.

5 Only Nigerian men still call you sugar pie, brown chocolate and strawberry even though he knows that hair in your scalp isn’t yours! And waits for you when you frequent the saloon three times every month!

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