MBGC Church On The Street!

In a move reminiscent of Western Missionaries,the entire pastorage and congregation of the Master Builder Global Church took the streets in Enugu on Sunday for evangelism to gather souls for the kingdom in an unprecedented door-to-door campaign.

Members could be seen in groups along GRA, Trans-Ekulu and Ogui Road holding the Bible and flyers distributing and sharing the gospel to people in their houses and on the streets.

MBGC members on evangelism

The Master Builder Global Church (MBGC) has always prided itself for its selfless and burden-free way of worship and church ethics. One of its enviable customs is making sure not one single member leaves the church hungry after Sunday service, so the church serves hearty meals or breakfast after each Sunday service to its members.

Members who come from a long distance or have difficulty in transportation are ferried from and to their destinations by church buses. This according to its senior pastor and founder is to make the gospel of Christ unhindered and easily available to all people no matter their economic position.

The Evangelical team of MBGC

The MBGC has continued to veer off from some of the practises that have bedeviled most churches, making younger generations to grow indifferent to Christianity.

One can only hope that the moral fabric of the society will continue to be sewn up by selfless religious teachings as is practised at the Master Builder Global Church.

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