After attending the inaugural service of Master Builder Global Church at Kobb Civic Center, Polo Shopping Mall, Enugu, I was thrilled to witness a church whose operations were different from your everyday kind of church, a church priding itself for not letting any of its members go home hungry.

I decided to attend the next Sunday service to see if the church has a doctrinal provision of providing breakfast for its members…

And I have always felt hungry during church service which begins in the morning spanning over two hours. I know alot of people do and one can’t just wait for the sermons to be over before scurrying home to Sunday rice. But in a country where 91 million people are in abject poverty, a country that has earned for itself the unenviable title of the world’s poverty headquarters, majority of the people have no Sunday meal to fall back to, a lot of the people come to church on Sunday hungry and leave hungry.

I felt a surreal realisation that a church has finally felt the need to bridge the physical and spiritual gap in looking out for the physical welfare of its members by providing, at least, free breakfast after morning service to ease the pains and hardship of the average Nigerian church member.

Speaking with the founder of Master Builder Global Church, Pastor Abraham Agu, it was easy to realise that the vision of the church was not just spiritual but also physical. ” We don’t do this to attract members, but we realise alot of people are hungry and distracted and it’s not right to stay through service in the church and leave for home hungry” says Pastor Abraham Agu.

“The Church is not the building or the name. It is the people and the spiritual and physical welfare of the people should be the concern of the church”, he stressed further.

With the decline of church attendance and disillusionment in doctrines, it is warming to realise a church in Enugu has begun the reach to cater for its members beyond the traditional spiritual guidance but also providing comfort to its congregation, in an unprecedented show of support and understanding of the economic times we are in.

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