The Personal Assistant on Social Media to Nigeria’s President , Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie, is no stranger to social media outbusrts in defence of her boss.

While she has been caught often using colourful languages usually with a burst of unhinged emotions to attack critics of the President or his policies, her latest outbursts with controversial pastor, Appostle Suleman was at an all-time low, completely bereft of class or finesse, utterly lacking in presidential elegance and graceful scripting with poor choice of words. Onochie , either for lack of wits or clever word choice unleashed one of the most careless expletives even in her own standards.

Twitting in Pidgin English (upandan) and making infantile remarks about the Appostle’s father, laced with unproven heresay should never be seen as a remark in defence of the President’s interest in her official capacity. Nothing reminds we more than mid school banter and teenage text-jostling.

Apostle Suleman who cheaply dabbled into politics had earlier made a declaration saying the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would emerge as the winner of the just concluded Ekiti State governoship election.

Well, we all know the independent National Electoral Commission, INEC declared Dr Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress, APC as the winner.

Onochie ,swiftly, in reacting the failed prophecy announced that the Appostle was not in talking terms with God. The stinging remark drew a bitter response from the Cleric who reacted by stating the Personal Assistant to the President On social media is “dragging the Presidency to the gutters”

Onochie, needing to further invitation launched her trademark colourful expletives displaying an emotional spillover, lack of restraint and wits and poor choice of words, utterly lacking in diplomatic skill of rebukement.

Perhaps, the PA on social media would learn to respond in social media on behalf of the Government or Presidency with a lack of personal touch and respond in a calmer manner.

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