With the recent conclusion of the national convention of the All Progressives Congress, APC, one may assume that harmony and coordination would ensure.


How ever with notable figures absent from the convention and the physical confrontation between some delegates, it appears APC will have to muster its courage into the the 2019 general elections.

With scandals rocking Imo state House of Assembly resulting in the suspension of one 4 sitting members, and a communiqué released by one of the affected Imo House member, Mr Nkenna John Nzeruo representing Oru East, it appears the rift within APC is still rift open.

His Statement:

“Since yesterday, the 27th June 2018, the media has been awash with news of the suspension of four Honourable members of the Imo State House of Assembly by the speaker.

It has become pertinent that I shed light on some ugly incidents surrounding the purported suspension.

First, I was duly elected as member representing the good people of Oru-East state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly and till date, I have not been found wanting in the discharge of my legislative functions neither have I faced a disciplinary committee for whatever reason.

I have stated this for the records, because no credible reason was given for my suspension from the house, rather, the speaker said it was for unparliamentary conduct.

The only crimes I committed are :-

1) That I gave heed to my people, whose mandate I represent, not to participate in any oath taking for the sum of FIFTY MILLION NAIRA (N50,000,000) to protect my integrity before God and my people.

2) That I refused to go to the press to ATTACK, ABUSE AND ASSASSINATE THE CHARACTERS OF DIST. SENATOR HOPE UZODIMMA as instructed even when he is my brother, constituent and also a BoT member of same party (APC).

3) My Alleged refusal to join the band wagon of the Ugwumba Movement (Agburu) supporting a particular Governorship Aspirant in Imo State.

4) That I wore the Uniform provided by and for the South East members of the party
(APC) for the just concluded National Convention of the party at Abuja.

How these become an unparliamentary conduct is yet to be proved.

You will recall that a few weeks ago, news filtered in, about oath taking scare in the House of Assembly, which I was also not included, because it is not a part of my legislative functions.

This is simply the out come of the APC National convention of 23rd June, 2018, at Eagle Square, Abuja, that has resulted to this witch-hunting.

I have also been reliably informed that other forms of attack are being programmed against me.

Remember my people, that the mandate you gave me is so precious, that we endured two painful primary elections, and three Guerrelling general elections, including supplementry elections, all of which we were victorious because of your support.

I assure you, that GOD IS INVOLVED and that with your continued support, which is sure for me, we shall weather any storm and come out with resounding victory.

Thus, I urge you all to remain calm, while we go through this, because it will surely end in praise”

Hon. Nkenna John Nzeruo
Member Rep. Oru East in the Imo State House of Assembly.

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