The May 30 Biafra Day sit-at-home order observed in Aba today turned bloody as stray bullet from soldiers killed a young man.

The sit at home protest, which was ordered by the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) recorded a full compliance in Aba and its environs.

It was gathered that soldiers during the (exercise) had approached from Aba/Owerri road towards the Port Harcourt Road/Uratta Junction were some alleged IPOB members had reportedly gathered in the morning of the sit-at-home protest.

On getting close to the junction, the soldiers started shooting sporadically which forced the alleged IPOB members to leave the vicinity.

As the soldiers continued shooting, a stray bullet according to report hit the young man, identified as Nnamdi Kelvin Ikemeh, a 25 years old fashion designer who came to play football, but was later running from the scene.

According to picture evidence obtained by Naijawatchdog, the soldiers were reported to have dragged his corpse into their patrol van at Onyike street and sped off, preventing Nnamdi’s friend from carrying his dead body.

When visited the scene of the incident and spoke with an eyewitness who said that “some boys believed to be IPOB members gather at that junction as part of the sit-at-home protest; suddenly we started hearing gunshots and men on army uniform with their hilux van parked around Onyike Street and from there started shooting and coming down to Uratta Junction.

“On getting here, we all were watching from our houses when their bullet hit a boy called Nnamdi Ikemeh from Chigbu Street. When the soldiers saw he was down, they started shouting at everyone to run and sit at home. Before you knew it, they dragged the dead man towards their van and sped off. They latter came back to harass people in the street which made most of the boys to run away.”


Curled from naijawatchdog/abacityblog

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