Former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, on Tuesday, debunked President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim on the restructuring of the country, saying there was no alternative to restructuring if Nigeria must make progress.

Atiku stated that he remained firm in his call for the restructuring of the country, asserting that there was “too much power” concentrated in the hands of the Federal Government, a situation he said had made governance in the country less competitive particularly among the states.

President Buhari who had met some delegates from Delta Central on Monday told the delegation of Urhobo Traditional Rulers and Urhobo Progress Union,  who visited him in Abuja, that the calls for the restructuring of the country was parochial and laced with self-interests, hence discussions and arguments on the matter failed to capture his attention.

But the former VP disagreed with Buhari, saying that the country must be restructured for Nigeria to rapidly move forward.

Nigeria since the civil war has been practicing a pseudo-federslism where virtually all the powers are concentrated at the central government in Abuja. A situation that has enshrined tribal politics, incompetence and unhealthy, do-or-die tendencies for federal elections.

It has also denied component States the power to create regional or local police to complement the grossly inadequate federal police and tackle the menace of herdsmen killings across the country.

State governments cannot also harness the resources in their states as the federal government by law owns all resources in the federation, a situation that has further impoverish most States especially those of minority ethnic groups.

The call for restructuring of the country has trailed several administration in the previous administration setting up a panel for negotiation and implementation, a report that was jettison by the current administration.

Nigeria , perhaps is the only country said to be a federation and still having a central police system, central resource control with all powers concentrated at the centre.

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