Precisely a week after the electoral committee published full names of all aspirants for October elections, there has been no single petition from the public against any of the aspirants so far.

The committee is mandated to throw open a 14 day window for members of the public to send a written petition to the electoral committee against any aspirants who is found to be of questionable character or have illegally sold or abetted the sale of communal land.

Speaking to Lodega media, the financial secretary to the electoral committee, Mr Samuel Eze, disclosed that the petition is not limited to only indigens or residents of Enugu-Ngwo.

” Anyone from anywhere can write us a petition pertaining to the conduct of any of the aspirants. It is not limited to only Enugu-Ngwo indigens. It is open to any member of the public from anywhere.”

When asked if there has been any petition so far, Samuel Eze disclosed to one of our correspondent that the committee has not received any petition at the moment.

“We still have seven days window for the petition to close. But for now, we have not received any petition from anyone against any of the aspirants.”

According to the electoral committee guidelines,the window to the petition is expected to close on September 16 while campaign kicks off September 23. Elections are scheduled for October 19.

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