The Enugu-Ngwo sitting Congress has responded to the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over an allegation made to the anti graft body against the president general of the community Nze John Enwu.

In a letter signed by the Speaker and clerk of the Congress and forwarded to the EFCC, the Congress stated its knowledge of the allegation pending before the anti graft body and reiterated its confidence and support of the PG.

The letter reads partly, ” We write to inform your good office that the Enugu-Ngwo Congress comprising of representatives of all families Age grade, Tittled men, Council Of Elders, Women organisation, etc, having worked together in harmony with the executive under the leadership of Nze John Enwu, for close to three years, and having observed his dedication to the wellbeing of our community, has met, appraised the current squabble between him and some people in the community and has resolved as follows.

“That Nze John Enwu’s leadership for the past two years has for the past two years rendered satisfactory account of to the community as and at when due”.

“The people who petitioned your office did that on Thier own volition and not on the directive of any leadership arm of the community.

The Congress also decried the publication by Vanguard as an affront to the community. Lodega had reported on May 21 of six persons who petitioned the EFCC against the president general of the community through a lawyer named Maxwell Orah claiming to be representing the community. The community leadership had come out to deny ever engaging any lawyer to execute any matter to the EFCC on its behalf.

Similarly, the Council Of Elders and Chief’s Cabinet have written to the EFCC distancing themselves from individuals who had petitioned to the EFCC what many within the community believe to be a phantom allegation with the motive of power grab.

The Enugu-Ngwo Youth Council and Women organisation have also declared their vote of confidence on the leadership of Nze John Enwu and stand of solidarity.

Lodega has the scoop that the six disgruntled individuals who filed a petition with an unknown lawyer claiming to represent the community had the support of an executive in the administration and someone in the Congress who skipped the interrogation process during EFCC briefing.

However, in answering to the petition by EFCC, the community market and stalls were closed down as a show of support with the traditional ruler, Igwe Ayalogu and other notable members of community including the Nollywood veteran actress, Evangelist Patience Ozokwor and chief Ozoani, accompanying the PG to the anti graft Zonal Head Office in Enugu.

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