A South African lady, Yolanda Khosi Magagula, had alleged that Ugochukwu Chimerenze Lucky, her Nigerian boyfriend, stole two cars, jewelries and other property from her home.

Yolanda, a beauty therapist, lives in Hartebeestpoort North – West, South Africa.

She alleged that Chimerenze whom she dated for a year and 10 months and was staying in her house, two days ago dropped her off at her shop in town and went back home.

But the beauty therapist said when she got back home later in the day, she discovered that all her properties were gone.

She alleged that Chimerenze looted two cars, jewelries, money and everything in her home.

Meanwhile, efforts to reach Chimerenze have not been sucessful.

She listed the items taken by the Nigerian to include one Chevrolet and one Audi car.

She alleged that Chimarenze has already sold the Chevrolet.

South African ladies who date other black Africans, especially Nigerians have always faced a backlash from their  male folks who allege that Nigerians use drug money to lure their women away with expensive gifts and cars.

Yet some South African ladies are of the opinion that South African men are too idle and unmotivated, waiting to be spoon-fed by their women. This has led to South African women married to Nigerians and other African countries to open up a Facebook group in protest and solidarity.

Reports like this has always been the fuel that ignites Xenophobic attacks that has become rampant in South Africa as most black South Africans are unable to compete in jobs and entrepreneurship where many black Africans excel. Even spaza shops originally dominated by South Africans have been taken over by Zimbabweans and other African migrants.

Most African migrants have also contributed to drug trafficking and prostitution with local support ever since the fall of apathied.

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