The mother of notorious Boko Haram leader Abubarka Shekau, Falmatu Shekau, has said she has not set eyes on her son for nearly 15 years.

According to an interview she granted to Voice Of America in Hausa language service, the calm mother of Nigeria’s most wanted man narrated how she has been estranged from her son for over a decade.

She also revealed that Shekau’s father, who died years ago, was a local Koranic school teacher and that her son whom she doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, spent his early years roaming the streets of Maiduguri as an almajiri (itinerant koranic school student).

Falmatu told her interviewer that her son, Abubakar, became radicalised after he met the founder of the Boko Haram sect, the late Mohammed Yusuf. She noted that she had not seen her son since then.

There has been numerous claims in the past of the death of Abubarka Shekau only for a subsequent released video to negate the claims by Nigeria’s security operatives. The whereabouts of the Boko Haram leader has remained unknown as he seems to have gone quiet with no recent releases of media proclamation.

The Nigerian vagabond went international with the kidnap of Chibok Girls and openly declaring support for ISIS and calling for aids and arms from the terrorist group.

Like Shekau’s true condition, Boko Haram menace has proven quite an enigma to the Nigerian Government who has announced several times of defeating the sect and been embarrassed by yet another attack.

The sect has operated in North Eastern Nigeria for over a decade and at one time held and control an area in Nigeria bigger than Belgium. The Nigerian armed forces have regain almost all territories held by the sect and have reduced the sect into attacking soft targets comprising of suicide bombings, kidnappings and raids.

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