The community of Umuozu Ugiri was thrown into a state of disbelief as tragedy struck when two young men were testing the foolproofness of a local gun charm, popularly known in Eastern Nigeria as ”

A young man identified as Chinaka was shot dead by his friend at Umuozu Ugiri in Isiala Mbano, Imo state while testing his bulletproof charm popularly known as ‘Odeshi’ prepared by a native doctor.

According to Doctor Ibezim Benjamin Chidi of Ibezim group hospital and maternity in Isiala Mbano, the deceased went to a native doctor and prepared a charm (odeshi) before asking his friend to fire a Dane gun at him. The friend obliged and shot him, killing him instantly.

The friend brought him to the hospital dead on arrival.

According to reports, the friend has been arrested and is currently in police custody .

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