Asari Dokubo, former Niger Delta warlord who was a vocal staunch supporter of the PDP and a loyalist to Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s former president could be seen in a photo congratulating the new national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC below 

Asari became the IYC’s president in 2001 and led the group to pursue an agenda of “Resource Control and Self Determination By Every Means Necessary”.

By 2004 Asari had retreated from public view. By 2004 Asari had retreated from public view. He would go on to create the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), which would emerge as a major catalyst for unrest in the Delta region. The NDPVF, a militant group, was funded in large part by local and regional politicians who sought great profits from the region’s oil revenue. The NDPVF quickly escalated an armed conflict with a rival group, known as the Niger Delta Vigilante(NDV), who were also seeking to control the Delta’s oil resources. Combat was concentrated primarily in Warri and subsequently, Nigeria’s oil capital Port Harcourt, as well as areas to the city’s southwest. Both groups engaged in oil ‘bunkering’ and other illegal forms of local resource extraction.

In 2013, Dokubo Asari became a citizen of Benin and moved his wealth and assets out of the Niger Delta, Nigeria and relocated to Cotonou, Benin Republic where he built several schools, colleges and a university for the school children and students in Cotonou. Dokubo Asari however did not build any school, college or university in Rivers State, Delta State, Enugu, Bayelsa or any other states of the Niger Delta.

Asari Dokubo who would later criticize President Muhammadu Buhari and call him a Satan for neglecting his region and…

“I’m at Ekpeye land to show you how oil has destroyed our river while the people are enjoying our money in Abuja. They are enjoying our money in Lagos and we’re suffering.

“Now, the ever-lying Buhari just travel with his family in our Presidential jet bought with Ekpeye and Ijaw people’s money to enjoy in Turkey.

“Look at the water. Unfit water polluted with oil. This is the plight of Ijaw people; the plight of the oil producing people. This is the plight of the oil bearing community. My people are digging sand to feed and they say we are lazy people. My people are bringing sound from the river to build houses while our oil is making Buhari fly the Presidential jet”

Whatever is the reason for his change of mind, it must be very convincing.

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