In what many would see as the grand finale to a regime adjudged by many to be the most successful in Enugu-Ngwo, the President-General of the community, Nze John Enwu, in drawing to a close, has led the residents of Enugu-Ngwo to a 2-day non-denominational crusade at the community town hall to pray for a peaceful election and handover ceremony come October 19 and 26 this year.

With guest speaker, Evangelist Ebenezer Christian from Onitsha and Ven. Lamuel Orjih who is also chairman electoral committee leading the procession together with a handful other town union executives and aspirants gracing the occasion for a unisonal call for a successful Election.

In solemn humility, the residents are praying for a peaceful and violent-free elections this term. It would be recalled that the last general election into various town union offices was almost marred by violence and protest before situations was brought to calm by the presence of armed mobile police.

Criminal Vandalism Or Political Sabotage?

One of the landmark-projects in the history of Enugu-Ngwo, the water scheme project, which was established by the present administration is facing what observers believe to be political sabotage in connection to the looming elections.

The laudable water scheme, designed to make water available to all districts, quarters and houses in Enugu-Ngwo was established last year but has run into destructions and vandalism few weeks to the general elections

Political observers noted that the water scheme had not faced any form of vandalism since its establishment until few weeks to the election. The Water Committee Council noted that it is the second time in a week that the pipes conveying water have been broken.

Speaking to Lodega media, a spokesperson for the water scheme states, “we fixed the damages done to the pipes last week and water was running in some quarters and they destroyed another pipe….you can see from the damages it is a deliberate act.

Why security measures are being put in place to ensure the safety of the water facilities and protection from vandals, the John Enwu-led administration is also looking for spiritual answers for guidance for a smooth and peaceful elections this term.

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