The Enugu-Ngwo electoral committee has released a notice cautioning all contestants in the October 29 elections to adhere strictly to the guidelines and stipulations of the laws governing the conducts, activities and schedules of the forthcoming elections.

The committee frowns at the total disregard to the guidelines of the elections as some aspirants have already begun campaign well before the stipulated time. Intimating Lodega media, a spokesperson for the Electoral committee stated that the issue of candidates campaigning before the stipulated time is under investigation and defaulters will be punished according to the law.

The committee spokesperson also hinted that they have proof that some aspirants have already begun the circulation and airing of jingles and slogans when it is not yet September 23 which is when campaigns should go off officially.

The committee stressed on the difference between awareness and campaigns with the former being posters and statement of intentions only.

The committee is also using this medium to caution all apsirant to adhere strictly to the electoral guidelines.

It should be noted that Lodega media had published the timetables and election schedules detailing all activities heralding the elections and handover.

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